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Equipment Used at the Brewery

Below is a simple list of what we use...

Or Check out our Brew Deck or Brew Tower

  1. Fish Fryer ( A must to brew outside or 5 gallon batches. It sure speeds up boiling time.)
  2. Two propane tanks (an extra was added this season to prevent running out. Not a good thing to happen on a Sunday afternoon.)
  3. Two old 5 gallon water igloos. One for the separate water and one to mash in.
  4. Separate arm and hose.
  5. Drain hose from mash igloo to pot.
  6. 7 gallon stainless steel pot (get the biggest pot you can to help with boil overs)
  7. Plastic Primary 6.5 gallon bucket, lid and bleeder. (3 on hand)
  8. Glass 6 gallon secondary jug and bleeder. (3 on hand)
  9. Racking tube and hose.
  10. Hydrometer (a must)
  11. Turkey Baister
  12. Bottling bucket (Best buy made. We use to just use a primary and the racking tube.)
  13. Bottle filler
  14. Bottle caper.
  15. Thermometer
  16. One step ladder. (This is our old fancy brew tower.)
  17. Brew Tower
  18. Two Burner Fish Frier (Academy $99 on sale)
  19. Folders and brew sheets. (Just a word of advice.... KEEP RECORDS)
  20. IB Sanitizor (Don't cut corners here.)
  21. Old 45 gallon square ice chest to de-lable in.
  22. Wort Chiller (Home made.)
  23. Pre-Wort Chiller and ice chest. (What can I say, we live in Texas where it is nothing to have 95 September temps. It sure speeds up the chilling. It was home made also.)

Keg Equipment

  1. Freezer
  2. 3 tapps and rigs.
  3. 20lb CO2 bottle (It was cheaper to fill at the local welding supply shop. Oh, it sits out side the Freezer.)
  4. Primary and secondary gage. ( The main line feeds mom's Coke and the beer secondary.)
  5. Secondary gage. (Feeds both beer lines.)
  6. One external "T" with quick disconnect on the main line.
  7. External in CO2 line with quick disconnect..
  8. External tap line with hand tap.
  9. Temperature control unit for freezer.
  10. Thermometer which reads inside and outside temps. ( You can buy this at Walmart for $12.95)
  11. Drip Tray.