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This is a section that we are trying to improve on. We have about 50 recipes. I just need to get them on line. Below you will find our recipes in two forms. One is in promash and the other is just typed out. The promash maybe downloaded and used directly in promash. Simply left click the promash icon to down load.

Or you can view the recipes on line by left clicking the name.


Typed :    
ProMash Recipes:
1st Tap Stout All grain mix. This is the result of several tries. This is a standard at the brewery.
Scottish Wee Heavy  
1744 Porter This is a great porter. I takes a lot of grain and needs about 8 weeks to mature in the bottle but it is the best.
Osten Weisen Our best wheat beer.
Marzen Oktoberfest A winner in any ones brewery.
  Vermont Porter  
  Grumpy's Cream Stout  
    Danzig Doppel Bock  
    Major Joes Scottish Ale