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Brewery Rules

  1. No brew staff shall die in the making or consumption of our brew.
  2. Although, anyone may comment, only the opinion of the brew staff counts
  3. Staff Brew Masters have the final say in what goes into a beer or how to make it.
  4. Brew is not to be wasted. (Death penalty offense.)
  5. Brew is not for sale (we simply don't have enough), it may be given to those who deserve it. So be nice to the brew staff. (Sexual favors are negotiable.)
  6. An empty glass is an unhappy glass!
  7. Yes, I could use another Mac an Bhaird brew!
  8. Please drink responsibly. (At least do not snore while sleeping it off and stay out of the main pathways.)
  9. If you find a brew crew member please return them to the Brewery.
  10. The head brew chief has final say. (AKA wife, mom, Linda.)