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Beer in Houston, Texas

TwoRows Restraurant & Brewery ....TwoRows is located at 2400 University Houston Texas (713) 529-2739 on the second floor of the shopping center. http://www.tworows.com/houston/ Their Porter is good. They usally have about six different house brews all brewed on the location. It is worth checking out.

BJ's Restrant/Brewery/Brewhouse....Clear Lake* 515 W. Bay Area Blvd. Webster, TX 77598 (281) 316-3037 Fax (281) 316-4213 Over all not bad. My personal favorie is the Pirahna Pale Ale. The Porte is nice also. Even my wife found one hear that she liked. She (who is a Miller Lite drinker) liked the Blonde. You can click below on the lable and see the details. If your their when they are brewing they are more than willing to give home brewers a tour. Pints are $3.00 during happy hour at the bar. Other times they are $4.00.

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