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About the Brewery:

I have several people ask why it is called the Mac and Bhaird Brewery and not the Ward Brewery or some other name. Well the answer is really quit simple. Mac an Bhaird is the Irish Gaelic way to pronounce Ward. Mac an translates to "son of" and Bhaird is pronounced "Vard". So it literally means "son of Vard". As the name was anglicized "Vard" came to be pronounced Ward or "Son of Ward". Somewhere along the way most likely after the British invasion the Mac an was dropped and it became just Ward.

Next I am asked what are the symbols on the logo. That is easier to answer. There are three shields or coats of arms on our logo. The Yellow with leafs belongs to my wife's family and is the coat of arm's for the Clarks . We included it because brewing is a family job at our house. Having three stepchildren we wanted them to be represented on the label thus we included the Clark crest.

The orange with diamonds is there to represent my brew buddy and god father to my daughter. It belongs to the Costelo Clan of which is a member of .

The last shield is blue with golden crowns which is the crest of the Ward Clan (Irish). We placed these very carefully. We placed the Ward and Costello side by side as friends should always be. Since my daughter is part Ward and Clark and since her god father is a Costelo we place the Clark shield just below and in the center of the Ward and Costello shield. This is not to lower the level but to show that the Ward Clan and Costello Clan stand in front to protect the Clark Clan (which are represented by the children and the wife.) Also because the wife and kids stand behind us two want-a-be brewmasters and support us in our brewing.

What about the Brewery Belt?

The brewery crest has the same three shields just as the logo. These are placed in on the Bluebonnet tartan (the Texas tartan) since the brewery is in Texas . The belt around this has The Irish flag since we are all of Irish origin and the state of Texas . The belt has four holes in it to fasten the buckle to. Each whole represents a child starting from right to left. The holes stand for the Oldest stepson as he stands on the side to protect. Then the oldest stepdaughter, next oldest stepdaughter and finally the youngest daughter's hole has the buckle through it. The shows the binding blood tie between the family. Together it forms our family and brewery as one unit.