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Scot/Irish by blood, American by birth!

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Clan Ward is as are most clans made up of several different families or individuals bonded together as one.

More accuralelty we are Muintir.

("Muintir" from the Gaelic means all the related members of an extended family ("my people"),
(Approximate pronunciation: "Mweentir")

We come from different backgrounds and each has traveled a different path to arrive at our current destination. What really matters is that we are family or Clan. Clan Ward is a independant Clan and does not discriminate against anyone no matter their race, nationality, religion or background.

Membership is availalbe through the following paths.
  Membership Types
  • Birth
  • Marriage
  • Blood Line
  • Addoption
  • Appointment
  • Petition or Application
  • Full -Voting
  • Retired - Non-Voting
  • Youth - Non-Voting
  • Sept - Non-Voting
  • Associate - Non-Voting
  • Supporting - Non-Voting
  • Iniciate - Non-Voting

If your interested in joining email the Clan Chief and express your interest.



Comrade President

New Book on Sale!


Comrade President

by Cecil A Ward Jr.


Becoming Alec


Becoming Alec

By Darwin S. Wrad